Daniel W. Anner - The owner of Dan's Tech Support LLC
Daniel W. Anner
Professional History:
Federal Aviation Administration: (2020 - Present)
IAM, PKI DevOps Engineer & Systems Administrator
Dan's Tech Support: (2011 - Present)
Owner & Operator
Teckare LLC: (2016-Present)
Network/Server Engineer
Stockton University: (2017-2020)
Systems & Database Administrator
CoinRating LLC: (2017-2020)
CTO & Lead Full-Stack Developer
The Richard Stockton College of NJ: (2014 - 2017)
Computer Services Technician

My Story

Daniel's professional career officially started in November 2011 when he created Dan's Tech Support Unlimited, where he worked freelance as a technician. Dan's Tech Support Unlimited, more commonly referred to as DTSU, was started to provide a much needed service in his local community. Daniel started fixing faculty and student personal computers for little to no money, which offered him valuable experience at the time. Quality of work and value for services performed are two of Daniel's main deliverables for his customers.

By the time Daniel reached college he was offered a 30 hour per week position at The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, now Stockton University, as a Computer Services technician. Stockton offered him so much experience and helped train Daniel to focus on Customer Service and Satisfaction skills. He quickly overperformed for his Level 2 Technician position, and was offered a full-time position as a Systems & Database Administrator. Over the 7 years that he worked for the University, Daniel helped many faculty, staff, and students with their personal and University machines. Customer satisfaction and quality of work are two of Daniel's main objectives when helping his customers.

Now, Daniel works for the Federal Aviation Administration as a contractor performing development and systems administration tasks. Daniel is an IAM, PKI DevOps Engineer & Systems Administrator who currently holds a Public Trust Clearance with the United States. Security and reliability are two of Daniel’s main objectives when helping high profile customers.

Dan's Tech Support LLC was officially registered in the State of New Jersey in September 2021. This changed Daniels work strategy from being a freelancer to becoming a full small business owner. Daniels reasoning for registering his business as an LLC was so that he could provide security for his clients, in the form of insurance, just in case something ever happened to his clients machine (*knock on wood* nothing has happened in his 10 years of business).

Daniel and Dan's Tech Support LLC is focused and committed to providing the local community with quality work, outstanding customer service, security, reliability and overwhelming value for their services

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