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Managed Services
Besides offering Managed IT services to businesses, we also offer residential customers amazing plans that allow them to utilize enterprise software and services that would normally be out of reach. One-of-a-kind Managed IT Plans are now available from Dan's Tech Support LLC!
On-Call IT HelpDesk
Proactive Updates, Monitoring & Support
Enterprise Virus & Malware Protection - Includes Proactive Monitoring
& More! (see below for full list)
Starting at $21 per month
Basic Hosting
No Commitment
No Commitment Term!
normally $50 / month $3200 monthly
Basic Hosting
1-Year Contract
Includes 15% discount on protected devices & supported networks!
normally $40 / month $2500 monthly
Basic Hosting
2-Year Contract
Includes 25% discount on protected devices & supported networks!
normally $30 / month $2100 monthly

Full List of Offerings!

Key Plan Offerings

Roll out our Best Practice security policies
Automated Computer Tune-Ups
Complete Proactive Monitoring of all systems
Computer Repairs, Tune-Ups and Troubleshooting
Monitor High CPU usage and mitigate issues
Troubleshoot Operating System issues
Proactive Updates, Monitoring & Support
World Class IT Support at your fingertips
Automated Patching & Verification
Update Approved 3rd party software
Troubleshoot hardware issues
Monitor Hard Disk Health & Space

Full List - Enterprise Anti-Virus/Malware

Enterprise Virus & Malware Protection
Monitor AV&AM Running Status & Protection Enabled
Troubleshoot Anti-Virus issues
Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware monitoring
Monitor AV&AM definitions and update
Monitor Security & Event Lots

Full List - Network Management (supported hardware only)

Network Monitoring
Proactive Protection
Regular Updates
Security Assurance
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Free Consultations & Initial Diagnostics

Initial consultation and diagnostics are always 100% free of charge.
Even if you do not use our services!
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