Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services


Managed Services
Small businesses in need of assistance with their IT systems can turn to Dan's Tech Support LLC. The range of services we provide is extensive, starting with computer repairs and ending with fully managed IT solutions. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business!
On-Call IT HelpDesk
Proactive Updates, Monitoring & Support
Human Staffed Proactive Thread Detection & Mitigation Service
Enterprise Virus & Malware Protection - Includes Proactive Monitoring
Backups for Servers & Computers
Mobile Device Management
& More! (see below for full list)
Starting at $400 per month

Full List of Offerings!

Key Plan Offerings

On-Call 24/7 HelpDesk
Proactive Updates, Monitoring & Support
Computer & Server Backups
Complete Proactive Monitoring of all systems
DNS & Cloud Management
Quarterly &/or Monthly Business Reviews
World Class IT Support at your fingertips
Human Staffed Proactive Threat Detection & Mitigation Service
Enterprise Virus & Malware Protection
Mobile Device Management
Computer Repairs, Tune-Ups and Troubleshooting
Automated Patching & Verification
Complete Network Management & Troubleshooting

Full List - Desktop, Laptops & Servers

Setup Active Directory if possible, manage all aspects
Setup new profiles on desktops & laptops
Reset forgotten or expired passwords
Archive old user accounts
Setup & Maintain security groups & network drives
Roll out our Best Practice security policies
Restore files from backups
Troubleshoot Operating System issues
Troubleshoot Anti-Virus issues
Reboot Computers & Servers as needed
Monitor AV&AM Running Status & Protection Enabled
Monitor Hard Disk Health & Space
Troubleshoot hardware issues
Computer Repairs
Computer Tune-Ups
Automated Computer Tune-Ups
Automated Patching & Verification
Warranty Claim Processing
Update Approved 3rd party software
Monitoring of servers and computers
Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware monitoring
Monitor AV&AM definitions and update
Monitor High CPU usage and mitigate issues
Monitor Security & Event Lots

Full List - Backups & Disaster Recovery

Monitor Server & Computer Backups
Monitor 3rd Party System Backups
Manual Testing of Restore Points
Troubleshoot Server & Computer Backup Failures
Troubleshoot 3rd Party System Backups
Reports on backups status

Full List - Printers & 3rd Party Devices

clear & reset printer queues
Add / Edit / Delete printer mapping group policies
troubleshoot printer hardware issues
Troubleshoot printer issues
add / edit / delete printer drivers for existing printers
warranty claim processing

Full List - Business Networking

troubleshoot internet service provider issues & outages
update wi-Fi sSID & Security Keys
firewall security audits & mitigations
monitor network switchs operations & availability
monitor wi-Fi access point operations & availability
monitor firewall / web gateway operations & Availability
troubleshoot network switch issues
Troubleshoot wi-Fi access point issues
troubleshoot router issues
troubleshoot firewall issues
monitor router operations & Availability
Warranty Claim Processing

Full List - DNS Management

Ensure DNS uptime and validity
Add / edit / delete MX Records
Add / Edit / Delete PTR Records
DNSSEC / DKIM / SPF Setup & Monitoring
add / edit / delete a records
Add / Edit / Delete CNAME Records
Add / Edit / Delete TXT Records
troubleshoot DNS issues

Full List - Mobile Device Management

Configure Outlook or Mail App
Configure Business Applications
Full Mobile Device Management
Ensure security and updates are applied

Full List - Office 365 / Google Workspace

Add / Edit / Delete User Accounts
Add / Edit / Delete User and Security Groups
Add / Edit / Delete Shared Mailboxes
Add / Edit / Delete Distribution Groups
Install & Connect OneDrive Desktop Client
Setup and Management
Forgotten Password Resets
Archive Old User Accounts (Backup Email & OneDrive)
Restore Files from Backups
Install & Connect Teams Desktop Client
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Free Consultations & Initial Diagnostics

Initial consultation and diagnostics are always 100% free of charge.
Even if you do not use our services!
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